Simple plan

A plan for creating two different resources needed for one campaign. The first resource requires two chained processes.
plan diagram

Simple plan from recipe

A plan generated from a recipe, for making a component.
plan from recipe diagram

Fulfillment and satisfaction

Commitments satisfying intents, and economic events fulfilling commitments.
fulfillment diagram

Proposals to sell and give away

A simple proposal with reciprocity expected, then another one to give the item away.
sell give diagram

Proposal in timebank

A simple proposal for a timebank. The reciprocity is assumed based on the timebank policies.
timebank diagram

Proposal for barter

A simple proposal for barter.
barter diagram

Proposal for work commitment

A simple proposal requesting help for work on a planned production process. The reciprocal intent (payment) is governed by a previous agreement, and based on the actual hours that will be worked.
proposal work diagram

Proposals for price list

A simple set of proposals that make up a price list.
price list diagram